General overview: – is an uprising e-commerce arena where we are providing the best products within a reasonable price range. Our geographical limits are confined within the Paschim Bardhhaman district region. We have no further right to place orders of the people belonging to any other districts until we expand our franchise. We request our buyers to kindly go through the terms and conditions thoroughly before placing any further orders. If they agree to encourage the same, then only proceed to shop.

Must provide accurate information and follow the given instructions: –

Customers are requested to provide their original data; any deceitful affairs would not be entertained. Users are requested to provide all accurate data regarding their demographic profile, (i.e., – age, occupation, gender, address), communication factors, personal mobile number, e-mail address, and alternative contact numbers. These are the initial formalities which are supposed to be followed if the user intends to browse in our site without any restrictions.

User’s eligibility: –

Obeying India’s laws and regulations, we strictly prohibit the under-aged people to browse through and shop from our e-commerce site. The user must be an adult of 18 years. Otherwise, people under who fall under the official age group (i.e.: – 17-13 years) are instructed to browse through the same following the guidance of their parents. People under this particular age group are rigorously forbidden to utilize the platform as per our terms and conditions.

Browsing and shopping conditions: –

To browse our site, users must register themselves via following our given instructions, which includes providing accurate information by the users. The users must provide their recent and accurate contact details. To shop from our site, they must keep themselves logged in and place their orders as per their necessity. By agreeing to the required terms and conditions, buyers would be encouraged to process their shopping. If buyers observe any inconvenience with the shopping process or confront severe disappointment, they must contact our customer care services.

Pricing details: –

The listed products are traded in MRP costs. No such products are sold in the foreign currency range. As per the terms and conditions, the prices of the products are inflexible after the order is placed. Customers would be paying the price at the range they actually placed their particular orders. The price of the products persists the same most of the time and rarely seen fluctuate. The preference of Cash on delivery is provided. 

Cancellation and refund policy: –

Users are allowed to cancel their placed order before our delivery man is out for delivering the same. Please take note that we will not be able to accept your cancellation request after the period is of cancellation is over. In that case, our customers would be allowed to return the order if such options are available for the item. The money will be refunded within 5 working days. The selling authority is also privileged to cancel their customer’s orders if any fraudulent in the transaction process is observed. The authority possesses the right to block the user’s account and they will not be able to browse through the website anymore in the future.

Forbidden jobs: –

The customers are prohibited from volunteering illegal, vicious, harassing, calumnious, threatening and offensive activities that exhibit violent event. For such offensive acts, the authority would be capable of taking legal action against such customers. Any constitutional insult can cause legal action against the customers similarly. No criminal influence on the site would be entertained.

Colored depiction of the commodities: –

The products are exhibited in their exact hue so that the customers can have an accurate view of the same before placing their orders of interest.

Adaptation in the terms and conditions: –

The authority possesses full-fledged power in revising the terms and conditions without notifying the customers. So, we cordially invite our customers to check out the terms and conditions on a regular basis. So that you do not find any complexities while connecting to us.

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